The tourist cluster of the Radan area “Radan cluster” covers the territories of the municipalities of Bojnik, Lebane, Kursumlija, Medvedja and Prokuplje. It was founded on December 3, 2012, with its headquarters in Lebane and an office in Kursumlija.

The initiator for the establishment of the cluster is AD “Planinka” from Kursumlija, and the founders are nine medium and small companies and entrepreneurs and four support organizations (Singidunum University from Belgrade, High School of Tourism from Belgrade, Center for Development of Jablanica and Pcinja districts from Leskovac and the National Museum of Toplica from Prokuplje). Later, 14 more members joined, so that the cluster today has a total of 27 members, two of whom are from abroad: Vladimir Gligorovich Shukhov University of Technology from Belgorod, Russia and Technisches Büro für Landschaftsplanung, Waidhofnerstraße Amstetten, Austria.

The main goals and tasks of the cluster are: joint work on valorization and presentation of tourist potentials, formation of a common tourist product, unique tourist offer and unique appearance on the domestic and foreign markets, joint activities on better traffic connection of tourist sites (road construction) and coordination of many other activities on the promotion and development of tourism in this area.

The establishment of the cluster was supported by local self-governments and municipal tourist organizations of all five municipalities, line ministries, the Tourist Organization of Serbia, scientific institutions and many other organizations. Radan area has great potential for the development of various types of tourism (spa, cultural, winter, mountain, recreational, rural, hunting – fishing, etc.)

Some tourist localities are developing well, so they have become famous and well-known tourist destinations: Prolom Spa, Lukovo Spa and Devil’s Town. On the other hand, there are localities that represent potential destinations of European importance due to their tourist significance, but are not valorized and promoted for tourism, and do not have adequate organization of arrangement and tourist exploitation: Neolithic settlement Plocnik, Caricin Grad and future Nature Park “Radan”.

There are two other well-known spas in the Radan area – Sijarinska with the “Geyser” hospital. Adaptation and reconstruction of hospitals and much better propaganda are needed. The second is Kursumlija Spa with the “Zubor” hospital, which is closed and has not been working for 10 years, even if the hospital is in a very good condition.

There are many other well-known and lesser-known tourist sites in the Radan area: Nemanja’s monasteries in Kursumlija, Epigenia of the Toplica River and Hisar Hill in Prokuplje, Begovic’s grave on Radan, Ripivode, Delivode, Brestovac Lake near Bojnik… Especially important are the natural values and conditions for the development of various types of tourism (relief, microclimate, terrain exposure, rich flora and fauna) on Radan mountain, the surrounding mountains and the southeastern part of Kopaonik, which have not yet been valorized and promoted.

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