Lukovo Spa is a young spa resort, health resort, climatic health resort and tourist center in the southeastern part of Kopaonik, in the northwest of the municipality of Kursumlija. It is known for the largest number of springs (37) and a huge amount of over 100 l / s of hot (up to 65 ° C) mineral waters. It is the highest spa in Serbia, whose center is at 681 meters above sea level, so it is also an air spa. Lukovo Spa is 36 km away from Kursumlija.

Lukovo Spa is characterized by a temperate-continental climate. Winters are moderately cold, summers are moderately warm, autumns are a little warmer, brighter and drier than spring. The most suitable period for recreation and treatment is from the beginning of June to the middle of September. The duration, height and quality of the snow cover in Lukovo Spa varies greatly, from 28 to 112 days a year. There is a small ski lift and a ski slope near the Spa, so the snow cover enables recreational skiing and a complete stay for visitors.


The main watercourse of the region is the Lukovo river, the most attractive and touristically most important tributary of the Toplica. It stops at the Štavska and Trebinjska rivers, which connect about 1 km downstream from the center of Lukovo Spa.

Thermomineral waters and healing mud

In the area of ​​Lukovo Spa, two groups of springs stand out: western (Upper Spa) with 20 natural springs and two wells, and eastern (Lower Spa), with 13 natural springs and two wells. Based on numerous physico-chemical analyzes, it can be concluded that onion hypotherms, homeotherms and hypertherms are carbonic, sulfide, mineral, fluoroid, silicon and lithium waters. The water temperature in Lukovo Spa is 22-65 ° C. Acid hypothermia in Lower Spa is considered good for treating diseases of the digestive organs. In Upper Spa, there are several sources that help in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, blood vessels, pressure regulation, treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases.

There are two mud thermal springs in Upper Spa, which the company A.D. “Planinka” converted into outdoor pools. In them, visitors are treated for rheumatism and skin diseases by bathing and smearing mud.

Accommodation and food

Hotel “Kopaonik” owned by A.D. “Planinka”, built in 2000. The hotel has 63 rooms and four suites. The hotel has a restaurant of the same name, an indoor pool for recreation and rehabilitation, a new bathroom “Sljivak”, arranged spa springs in Upper Spa, as well as a medical part with a doctor’s office, departments for hydrotherapy, peloid therapy, electrotherapy and manual massage.

Hotel “Jelak” owned by A.D. “Planinka” was built in 2009. The hotel has 64 rooms in the part of Jelak and 20 rooms in the part of Jelak B. On the ground floor of the hotel there is a jacuzzi pool with thermal water, sauna, meeting room, restaurant, cafe bar with wireless internet and a shop. In front of the hotel there are two swimming pools with hot water and jets, a summer garden and a parking lot.

In the area of Lukovo Spa, there is also an offer of private accommodation, which is very modest due to the competition of hotel accommodation.


In Lukovo Spa and the surrounding area there are excellent conditions for rest and various types of recreation. “Health trails” are marked on the field in seven directions:

Center of the Spa – Vardiste – Church of St. Peter and Pavle, 15 km.
Center of the Spa – Gornja Banja – lower waterfall of Beli potok – waterfall “Osov” – roastery of Milos Nedeljkovic – source of “A Thousand Tears” – center of the Spa, 3 km.
Center of the Spa – Gornja Banja – Milovan Milunović Watermill – “Sige” Waterfall, 1.7 km.
The center of the Spa – the source of “A Thousand Tears” – the roastery “Stara Kaldrma” – beech on the Stavska River – the summer house of King Milutin, 3 km.
Center of the Spa – Milos Nedeljkovic’s roastery – Delice – Jagnjilo – Stara tresnja – the church of St. Mina, 5.5 km.
Center of the Spa – roastery – Jagnjilo – Tresnjica – houses of the Jovic brothers – Skoronja – Treska – Tresnjica – Jagnjilo – Banja, 18 km.
Center of the Spa – roastery – Church of St. Mina – Dobro Brdo – Sljasiste, 7 km.


Every year, fairs are organized: in Stava, near the church of St. Mina (January 19, Epiphany), in Lukovo Spa, near the Church of St. George (May 6, on St. George’s Day), in Lukovo near the church of St. Of the Apostles Peter and Pavle (July 12, on St. Peter’s Day), in Stava, near the church of St. Mina (August 19, at the Transfiguration).

Church of St. Mina

Church of St. Mina (popularly known as Mrksa’s church), is located in the center of the village of Stava. It is 5.5 km away from Lukovo Spa. According to popular belief, the ancestors of the current inhabitants transferred their glory to Saint Mina during the settlement and built a church during the reign of King Milutin.

The Turks demolished the church in the first raid after the Battle of Kosovo, which was rebuilt 37 years after the fighting in Kosovo, but the Turks demolished it again. The interior of the church was completely picturesque, but some parts of the frescoes were destroyed in the fires, partially or completely. As a cultural asset of great importance, the church was placed under state protection in 1949.

Church of St. George

According to tradition, the Church of St. George originates from the time of Nemanjic, and it was destroyed by the Turks. People gathered on St. George’s Day around the church that was destroyed during the construction of the road. The company AD “Planinka”, with the blessing of the Bishop of Nis – Irinej, built a church on another location, near Nenadov kamen, at 875 m above sea level, above the center of Spa at an air distance of 500 m.

The position of the new temple, as the future spiritual guardian of Lukovo Spa, is extremely attractive, considering that it represents an extraordinary lookout point in relation to Spa and the surrounding area. In terms of position, it can be compared to the monastery complex of Meteora in Greece.

Hotels „Kopaonik“ and „Jelak“ Lukovo Spa

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