Kursumlija Spa is one of our spas with the most glorious past. It is known for its diverse, very healing hot and mineral waters, especially for its mineral mud. It is located in the valley extension of the Banjska river valley, at 442 m above sea level, 11 km southwest of Kursumlija.


Kursumlija Spa is characterized by a very specific forest climate of low altitudes with a significant influence of the mountain. The air quality is improved by pine and linden plantations along the spa promenade, as well as on the valley sides.


The partially canalized Banjska flows through Kursumlija Spa, after Kosanica the longest and richest tributary of Toplica. Upstream from Banja, this river flow is called the Bunjačka river, along whose valley a good macadam road leads, to many tourist attractions.

Thermomineral waters

Kursumlija Spa has five groups of hot springs (25-68°C) and mineral waters, which according to balneological characteristics are among the few most valued in Europe. The main well produces more than 20 l/s of water. It is carbonic acid, sulfide, mineral, hydrocarbonate sodium type, silicon, lithium and fluorine hyperthermia.

In 1987, the well obtained water “Mamurluk”, which is carbonic acid, weakly mineralized, hydrocarbonate sodium hypothermia (25°C), with a pH of 6.5. It is one of our best acidic waters.

The healing water “Alkal” was obtained by drilling in 1988 in the valley of the Bunjačka river, with a yield of 0.05 l / s. It belongs to the high-alkaline (pH 10), low-mineralized, carbonate-sodium acratopegs (14 ° C); it is suitable for the treatment of skin diseases, diseases of the digestive organs, metabolism, etc.

Mineral mud

Medicinal mineral mud is artificially prepared by mixing sulfide thermo-mineral water with soil taken in the immediate vicinity of the spa facility.


1. Diseases of the locomotor system
a. chronic inflammatory rheumatism
b. chronic degenerative joint rheumatism
c. extraarticular rheumatism
d. conditions after bone fractures and surgical interventions
e. consequences of trauma

2. Gynecological diseases
a. inflammatory processes
b. certain forms of sterility

3. Neurological diseases
a. neuralgia
b. polyneuritis

Church of St. Petka

The Church of St. Petka is located in a young oak forest about 800 m or a half hour easy walk from the center of Kursumlija Spa.

Hajduk fountain

The Hajduk fountain has long been a favorite picnic spot of spa guests, with drinkable and cold mountain water, at 620 m above sea level. It is about 1.6 km or a half hour moderate walk from the center of Kursumlija Spa, along the road along Krtočki potok.

“Girl’s eye water”

Popularly known as “Kicena voda” is located next to the road leading to Prepolac, 1,650 m from the center of Spa or about half an hour’s walk. It is hydrocarbonate, magnesium-calcium, low mineralized, weakly iron water. According to popular belief, it helps in the treatment of eye diseases and anemia.

Church of St. Elijah in the Mala Satra

The church is located in the valley of the Bunjacka river. It is located in a picturesque valley extension. It is 4.5 km away from the center of Kursumlija Spa or about an hour of moderate walking. Locals come on religious holidays and light candles in the church, and the place is also suitable for a picnic.