Prolom Spa is located in the extreme southeast of the municipality of Kursumlija, in the former volcanic mountain region, on the southern slopes of the mountain Sokolovica, at 598 m above sea level. It is located in the valley between the mountains Sokolovica (1050 m) in the north, Arbanaska (1109 m) in the northeast, Radan (1409 m) in the east, Prolom Mountain (1104 m) in the south and Mejanska Mountain (943 m) in the southwest. It is 23 km away from the municipality of Kursumlija. Prolom Spa is connected by an asphalt road to Rudare, in the length of 11 km, with the main road Nis – Pristina and the railway Nis – Kursumlija – Kosovo Polje – Pec. The spa can be reached by direct bus lines from Kursumlija, Prokuplje (59 km), Nis (90 km), Krusevac (98 km), Aleksinac (121 km), Belgrade (290 km via Krusevac, 322 km via Nis) and Novi Sad (368 km).

Based on archaeological research, it is assumed that the medicinal waters of Prolom Spa were used continuously from prehistory to the younger Turkish era, when all spas in Serbia were abandoned. After the First World War, the local use of hot springs on the private property of Curcic began, and since 1956, word has spread about the miraculous healing of certain spa guests. From 1961, the land with hot springs became the property of the company “Planinka” from Kursumlija, and that enabled a very intensive development of the spa and the expansion of the spa settlement.


Due to the altitude and the surrounding mountains of medium altitude (1000-1400 m), Prolom Spa has a moderate continental climate with subalpine characteristics. Summers are moderately warm, with less rainfall, lots of serenity and pleasantly cool nights. Winters are long, cold, with a lot of snow.


The area of Prolom Spa and its surroundings is dominated by numerous springs, streams and rivers that belong to the basin of the rivers Kosanica and Toplica. The main watercourse is the Prolomska river, which comes from several springs and streams on the Radan mountain, and flows into the Kosanica near Rudare. At a length of 23 km, it is clean and unpolluted, suitable for water supply, recreation and fishing.

Thermomineral waters

In Prolom Spa there are two broken hot springs, about 950 m apart. The eastern or main spring is in the center of the spa settlement and consists of six wells with a yield of 4.5 l / s of water and a temperature of 30 to 33.8 ° C. The western spring or “Pupavci” is in the valley of a deep stream, in the hamlet of Vukovici, in the area of the village of Veliko Pupavce, and it is represented by well B-5 whose yield is about 6.5 l / s of water and temperature is 30.5 ° C. Thermal water from the B-5 well is conducted through pipes and special pumps to the reservoir in the center of the Spa, from where it is used for various purposes (for bathing in rooms, for various spa treatments in bathrooms, for filling recreational and rehabilitation pools, for drinking, etc.)

These are nitrogen, medium alkaline, low mineralized, sodium hydrocarbonate, silicon hypothermia. Medicinal waters of Prolom Spa belong to very rare waters of high balneological values, which provide opportunities for very wide indications.

Indications for treatment in Prolom Spa are:

Kidney and urinary tract diseases (chronic infections of the kidneys, urinary tract and prostate, kidney stones, sand in the urinary tract, condition after surgery on the renal-urinary system), diseases of the digestive organs (hyperacid gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic constipation, inflammation of the bile and bile ducts, gallstones, condition after surgery on the digestive organs), skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, varicose ulcer), extraarticular rheumatism (fibrositis, myositis, tendinitis, periarthritis, bursitis).

In addition to medicinal water, Prolom Spa also uses medicinal mud to treat skin diseases, peripheral blood vessel diseases and rheumatic diseases. Healing mud was obtained by mixing thermal water and soil from the vicinity of the “Pupavci” spring.

Accommodation and food

Hotel “Radan” owned by AD “Planinka” from Kursumlija, categorized with three stars, has 212 rooms and 4 suites in 3 buildings, two of which are connected by a warm connection with the medical and wellness center. The hotel has its own restaurant, indoor and outdoor pool, coffee bar and pool cafe.

Of the private catering facilities, the most important is the private hotel “Garetov konak”, followed by the tavern “Boziji raj”, the buffet “Laz” and “Horizont”.

Hotel “Garetov konak” is located at the entrance to the spa resort. This hotel has 2 suites, 26 rooms and 60 beds.

Ethno tavern – Along the bank of the Prolomska river, there is an ethno house with a setting of a rural household from the beginning of the last century and a restaurant with specialties prepared under the sac.

The church of Lazarica (the temple of “St. Lazar”) is located in the valley extension of the Prolomska river, at 640 m above sea level. It is 2.5 km from the center of Prolom Spa. It is the only wooden church in Toplica. It was built by immigrants from Mount Golija in 1890, on the foundations of an older temple. There is a belief among the people that the communion of the Serbian army was performed in it before leaving for the Kosovo Battle.

An inexplicable natural rarity is represented by six twisted plum trees in the yard of the Church of Lazarica. Legend has it that after the communion, the soldiers visited the Church six times, praying for victory in Kosovo. The plums twisted in the direction in which the army was turning. The old trees disappeared, new ones sprouted in the yard and twisted, but there were always only six plum trees.

The Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord is located in the very center of Prolom Spa, with the blessing of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej, who consecrated the foundations of this church, giving the blessing that the church be built on this place and dedicated to the Transfiguration. The construction of the church began in 2010, and in 2013 an attractive bridge was built, which was called the Bridge of Patriarch Irinej, and in 2014 the painting of the church was completed, which was painted in accordance with Byzantine iconography.

The Transfiguration of the Lord is one of the greatest Christian holidays and is celebrated on August 19. On that day, the Holy Liturgy is served and wine is consecrated.

The church is small in size, but not spiritually. Visitors to the Church of the Transfiguration have the opportunity to pray in front of the fresco of their saints and their baptismal glory, because the frescoes are painted in a combination of Serbian and Russian medieval frescoes, so the church itself represents light and joy to every visitor.


Prolom Spa with the surrounding area provides excellent opportunities for rest and various types of recreation. “Health trails” are marked on the field in seven directions:

Spa center – buffet “Laz” – Church of St. Petka, 1.5 km.
Center of the Spa – spring “Pupavci” – house of the Nerandzic brothers – factory “Prolom water” – Church of St. Petka, 5 km.
The center of the Spa – the house of Milovan Zivkovic “Swede” – the village of Prolom – “Prolom water” – Church of St. Petka, 5 km.
Center of the Spa – pond – Church “Lazarica”, 2.4 km.
Center of the Spa – the village of Prolom – Salevica izvor – Church “Lazarica” – pond – the center of the Spa, 6 km.
Spa center – Miloseva voda, 3.5 km.
Center of the Spa – pond – Church “Lazarica” – Prolom mountain – Devil’s Town, 11km.

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