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Prolom Spa is located in the southeast of Kursumlija, in the former volcanic mountainous region, on the southern slopes of Sokolovica Mountain, at an altitude of 598m. It is situated in Prolom Spa’s Pit, between Sokolovica Mountain (1050 m) in the north, Arbanaska Mountain (1109 m) in the northeast, Radan Mountain (1409 m) in the east, Prolom Mountain (1104 m) in the south and Mejanska Mountain (943 m) in the southwest. It is 23 km far from the Municipality of Kursumlija. By the asphalt road to Rudare, which is 11 km long, Prolom spa is linked with the main road Nis – Pristina and the railway Nis – Kursumlija – Kosovo Polje – Pec. There are regular bus services from Kursumlija, Prokuplje (59 km), Nis (90 km), Krusevac (98 km), Aleksinac (121 km), Beograd (290 km across Krusevac, 322 km across Nis) and Novi Sad (368km).

According to archaeological research, it is assumed that the healing waters in Prolom Spa were continually used from prehistory to the early Turkish period when all the other spas in Serbia were deserted. After the First World War, local use of hot springs began at the private estate Curcic, while from 1956 the word was spread about a miraculous recovery of some spa guests. Since 1961, the land with hot springs has been the property of the company “Planinka” from Kursumlija and it enabled a very intensive development of the spa and expansion of the spa village.

Climate – Owing to the altitude and being surrounded by the mountains of middle height (1000-1400m), Prolom Spa has a moderate continental climate with the characteristics of the subalpine climate. Summers are moderately hot with little precipitation, a lot of brightness and pleasantly fresh nights. Winters are long and cold with a large amount of snow.

Watercourses – In the area of Prolom Spa and its surroundings, there are so many springs, streams and rivers which belong to the basins of the Kosanica and Toplica rivers. The main watercourse is the Prolom River which is made of many springs and streams at Radan Mountain and empties into the Kosanica at Rudare. At a distance of 23 km, it is clean and unpolluted, suitable for water supply, recreation and fishing.

Thermal mineral waters – In Prolom Spa, there are two broken hot water springs, about 950m apart. The eastern or main source is in the center of spa village and it consists of six boreholes whose yield is 4.5 l/s of water while the temperature is 30 to 33.8 °C. The western source or “Pupavci” is in the valley of a deep stream, in Vukovici hamlet, in the area of the village Veliko Pupavce and it consists of a borehole B-5 whose yield is about 6.5 l/s of water, and temperature is 30.5 °C. By tubes and special pumps, the thermal water from the borehole B-5 is implemented to the reservoir in the spa center, wherefrom it is used for various purposes ( for bathing in rooms, for various spa treatments in bathrooms, for filling the recreation and rehabilitation pool, for heating the hotels, for drinking etc.). These are nitric, alkaline medium, low mineralized, sodium hydrocarbon silicon hypothermic waters. The healing waters of Prolom Spa belong to the group of very rare waters with high balneological value, which offers the possibilities for a very wide range of indications.

Indications for therapy in Prolom Spa are the following:

Kidney diseases and urinary tract infections (chronic kidney diseases, diseases of urinar tract and prostate, kidney stones and urinary sand, the condition after a surgery on kidney and urinary system)

Digestive system diseases (hyperacid gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcerus, catarrhus, chronic constipation, inflammation of the gallbladder and bile ducts, gallbladder stones, the condition after a surgery on digestivesystem).

Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis and varicose ulcers)

Extra-articular rheumatism (fibrositis, myositis, tendinitis, periarthritis  and bursitis)

Along with the healing waters, a healing mud is also used in Prolom Spa for treatment of skin diseases, peripheral vascular diseases and rheumatic diseases. The healing mud is produced by mixing thermal water and dirt in the vicinity of the source ”Pupavci”.

Accommodation and food – The Hotel “Radan” owned by JSC “Planinka” from Kursumlija and categorized with three stars has 212 rooms and 4 apartments in 3 objects, 2 of which are linked by hot connections with the medical and welness center. The hotel has its own restaurant, indoor and outdoor pool, coffee bar and caffe by the pool.

As far as private catering establishments are concerned, the most significant are the private hotel “Garetov konak”, tavern “Bolji raj”, buffet “Laz” and “Horizont”.

Hotel “Garetov konak” is located at the entrance of the spa village. This hotel has 2 apartments, 26 rooms and 60 beds.

Ethno tavern – Along the coast of the Prolom River, there is the Ethno tavern with the setting of a rural household from the beginning of the last century and a restaurant with specialities prepared under the iron pan.

Recreation – Prolom Spa and its direct surroundings offer excellent opportunities for vacation and different types of recreation.  On the ground, “Paths of health” are marked in seven directions:

Spa Center – buffet “Laz” –  St. Paraskeva Church, 1.5km

Spa Center – source “Pupavci”- brothers Nerandzici’s house –“Prolom water” factory – St. Paraskeva Church, 5km

Spa Center – Milovan “The Swede” Zivkovic’s house –Prolom village –“Prolom water”- St. Paraskeva Church, 5km

Spa Center – fish pond – Lazarica Church, 2.4km

Spa Center – Prolom village – Salevici’s source – Lazarica Church – fish pond – Spa Center, 6km

Spa Center – Milos’s water, 3.5km

Spa Center – fish pond – Lazarica Church- Prolom Mountain – Devil’s Town, 11km

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