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Lukovo Spa represents a spa village, health resort, climatic convalescent home and tourist center in the southeastern part of Kopaonik, at the northwest of Kursumlija. It is the highest spa in Serbia, whose center is at an altitude of 681m, so this is an air spa as well. It is well known for the greatest number of springs (37) and a large amount of more than 100 hot (up to 65 °C) mineral waters.

Lukovo Spa is 36 km far from Kursumlija. There are regular bus lines 3 times a day from the village of Mercez (12km), Trecaci (16km) and Kursumlija, and once a day from Prokuplje (70km) and Nis (99km), as well as from Stava (6km).

Climate – Lukovo Spa is characterized by a temperate continental climate. Winters are moderately cold, summers are moderately hot, autumns are a little warmer, brighter and drier than springs. The period from the beginning of June to the middle of September is the most suitable for recreation and healing. The duration, height and quality of snow cover in Lukovo Spa considerably varies, from 28 to 112 days in a year. Near the spa, there is a smaller ski lift and a ski slope, so snow cover enables recreational skiing and a complete stay of visitors.

Watercourses – The main watercourse of this area is the Lukovo River, the most attractive and touristically the most significant tributary of the Toplica River. It is made of the Stavska and Trebinjska rivers, which are merged at about 1km downstream from the center of Lukovo Spa.

Thermal mineral waters and healing mud – In the area of Lukovo Spa, there are two groups of springs: the western group (Upper Spa) with 20 natural springs and two boreholes, and the eastern group(Lower Spa) with 13 natural springs and two boreholes. Taking into account many physicochemical analyses, it can be concluded that Lukovo’s hypothermia, homeotermia and hyperthermia are carbonic acid, sulphide, mineral, fluoride, silicon i lithium waters. The water temperature in Lukovo Spa ranges from 22 to 65°C. Acidic hypothermatic water in Lower Spa is considered helpful in the treatment for diseases of the digestive tract. In Upper Spa, there are a few springs which help in the treatment for rheumatic diseases, vein diseases, venous blood vessels, pressure regulations, the treatment for kidney and bladder diseases.

In Upper Spa, there are two muddy thermal springs, which are rearranged into open pools by JSC “Planinka”. In them, visitors treat rheumatic and skin diseases bathing and applying mud. In the medical part of the hotel and annex, healing mud is artificially prepared and used as one of the therapeutic methods.

Accommodation and Food – The Hotel “Kopaonik” owned by JSC ”Planinka” was built in 2000. The hotel has 51 rooms. Within the hotel, there is the restaurant with the same name, indoor pool for recreation and rehabilitation, new bathroom “Sljivak”, arranged spa sources in Upper Spa, as well as the medical part with the doctors’ office, departments for hydrotherapy, peloidtherapy, electrotherapy and hand massage.

The hotel “Jelak” owned by JSC “Planinka” ws built in 2009. The hotel has 64 rooms in Jelak A part and 20 rooms in Jelak B part. On the ground floor of the hotel, there is a jacuzzi pool with thermal water, a sauna, a meeting room, a restaurant, a coffee bar with Wireless Internet and a shop. In front of the hotel, there are two pools with warm water and nozzles, summer garden and parking.

In the area of Lukovo Spa, there is also an offer of private accommodation, which is very modest because of the competition of hotel accommodation.

Recreation –In Lukovo Spa and its vicinity, there are perfect conditions for rest and various types of recreation. ”Paths of Health” are marked on the ground in seven directions:

  1. Spa Center – Vardiste –St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church, 15km
  2. Spa Center – Upper Spa – lower waterfall of Beli potok – waterfall “Osov” – Milos Nedeljkovic’s barbecue stall – spring “A thousand tears”(serb. Hiljadu suza) – Spa Center, 3km
  3. Spa Center – Upper Spa – Milovan Milunovic’s mill – waterfall “Sige”, 1.7km
  4. Spa Center – spring “ A thousand tears” (serb. Hiljadu suza) – barbecue stall ”An old cobblestone pavement” (serb. Stara kaldrma) – whirlpool on the Stavska River – summer house of King Milutin I, 3km
  5. Spa Center – Milos Nedeljkovic’s barbecue stall– Delice –Jagnjilo – Stara tresnja – St. Mina’s Church, 5.5 km
  6. Spa Center – barbecue – Jagnjilo – Trešnjica – brothers Jovici’s houses -Skoronja –Treska – Trešnjica – Jagnjilo. Spa, 18km
  7. Spa Center – barbecue stall– St. Mina’s Church – Dobro Brdo – Sljaciste, 7 km

Manifestations – Every year, fairs are organized: in Stava, by St Mina’s Church (on 19th of January, the Epiphany), in Lukovo Spa, by St. George’s Church (on 6th of May, on St. George’s Day) in Lukovo by St Peter and St. Paul’s Church (on 12th of July, St. Peter’s Day), in Stava, by St Mina’s Church (on the 19th of August, the Transfiguration). Traditional cross country runnning from Lukovo Spa to Treska is held in April every year, on the day of Lazarus Saturday.

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