Kursumlijska Spa

Kursumlijska Spa is one of the spas with the most glorious history, known for its various, very healing, warm and mineral waters, but especially for its mineral peloid (mud).

Kursumlijska Spa is situated in the basin expansion of the Banjska River Valley, at an altitude of 442 meters. It is located 11 km south-west of Kursumlija. The Banjska River Basin is surrounded by heavily wooded mountain-spurs and heights (Trsevina on the north, Golimac and CrnaCuka on the north-west, Krs and Zdravkova Cuka on the south-west, Gudzaliste on the south, Palamarski vrh on the south-east, Vojnicka kosa on the east and Lakov breg on the north- east).

Climate: Kursumlijska Spa has a temperate continental climate. The Banjska River Basin is dry, well insolated, without fog and dust; surrounded on all sides by wooded heights and remarkably protected from the strong winds and sudden temperature changes.

Watercourses : Through the Spa flows partly channeled the Banjska River which is the longest and richest tributary of the Toplica, besides the Kosanica River. The upstream course of the river is called the Bunjacka River, and alongside its valley there is an unpaved road which leads to many tourist attractions. The rivers never run dry, their water is not polluted, and because of the presence of fish species such as gudgeon, chub and sneep, they are frequently visited by the fishermen.

Thermal mineral waters: The Spa has five groups of warm (25-68 °C) and mineral waters at disposal, and according to their balneological properties they are classed among the most appreciated in Europe. Those are: carbon-acidic, sulphidic, mineral, sodium-hydrocarbonated, lithium and fluoridated hyperthermal water.

The spring “Mamurluk”, extracted by drilling in 1987, is the carbon-acidic, sodium-hydrocarbonated hyperthermal water, with the low amount of minerals. It is one of our best mineral waters and is planned for bottling.

The healing water “Alkal”, extracted by drilling the Bunjevacka River, is highly alkaline, sodium-carbonated akrato-thermal water (14 °C), with a low amount of minerals. It’s very similar to Prolom water, so it’s suitable for healing various diseases such as skin disorders, diseases of the digestive system and metabolism…The latest analyses of the water done in 2004 by the Department of Baleneoclimatology of the Belgrade Rehabilitation Institute, proved the quality of the sulphidic hyperthermal waters, and since then they are being used for balneotherapy and the healing of the following diseases:

-injuries and illnesses of the locomotor system ( rheumatic illnesses including the chronic inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism, extra-articular rheumatoid arthritis, the bone fracture conditions,etc.)

-gynecological disorders (nonspecific inflammatory processes, certain types of infertility)

-neurological diseases (neuralgia, polyneuropathy)

Recreation: There are numerous weekend resorts in the vicinity of Kursumlijska Spa. The nearest one is a church of St. Parascheva, in the area of Vrelo, 800 metres distant from the Spa. The church is located in a young oak forest, not far from which is an unarranged mountain spring.

“Hajducka cesma” since ancient times has been the favorite weekend resort for our guests, with its drinkable, cold mountain water, at an altitude of 620 metres. It is 1,6 km distant from the centre of the Spa. In the environment of an old beech forest, the spring on “wheel” is arranged and the table with benches is placed for the rest of tourists.

“Devojacka voda za oci” (popularly known as “Kicena voda”) is located next to the very road leading to Prepolac, at 1650 metres from the Spa. It is hydro carbonated hard water, with a low sodium and iron level. This water, according to popular beliefs, helps in healing eye diseases and anemia.

Accommodation and Food Services: The Rehabilitation Institute “Zubor” is the most important accommodation facility, with 158 rooms and 240 beds at disposal, and a restaurant with 250 seats. “Zubor” also disposes of a several social clubs, aperitif bar, library, poolroom, table tennis hall… In the medical part of the hotel are placed the diagnostics, hydrotherapy (two swimming pools, individual bathtubs, local baths, underwater-massage bathtub and the Hubbard baths, hydrokinetic therapy), inhalation room, mud therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasound, phototherapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, hand massage, etc.

In the proximity of “Zubor” there is an outdoor swimming pool with the thermal mineral water, suitable for recreation and sports contests. There is a snack bar “Plaza” beside the pool, with 80 seats, that operates seasonally. There are also sports grounds for football, volleyball, basketball and handball.

Villa “Milica”, with the capacity of 13 rooms and 26 beds, was built in 1908. After the World War II, another floor was built as an addition to the building, so the Villa now has 26 rooms and 52 beds at disposal. The Union Organization of Zvezdara Municipality had transformed it into a holiday resort. Since 1995, after the installation of the thermal-water heating, the villa is being used during the winter season too. A restaurant “Prepolac” with the capacity of 150 seats is under its administration.

The Red Cross Resort for the Kids: The building of the Red Cross has been used for the accommodation of children and their teachers. It has 10 rooms and 25 beds, a restaurant with 72 seats, 36 of which are in the garden. In 1995, the geothermal heating was installed, so the object can be used all year round.

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